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Visual and audible signals in hazardous areas
R. STAHL’s combination devices issue audible and visual alarm and warning signals in the event of safety issues or malfunctions: These signals can be audible, visual or combined. These devices are suitable for use in extreme onshore and offshore environments across the world.

Equipment start-up, malfunction or alert statuses: There are many situations in which clear, reliable signals play an absolutely crucial role in keeping systems and people safe. R. STAHL’s combination devices, for example in the form of flashing beacon lighting with an alarm horn, issue signals in a variety of colours, as well as multi-stage signal tones up to 120 dB, which can be chosen from 32 internationally recognised signals. They are housed in robust enclosures and, depending on the model, can offer monitoring options, a telephone initiate or protective metal cages for the lighting. Installing combination devices means less installation work for the user. Whatever your intended purpose, we have the right combination device for you in our varied range of signalling devices. Our new “Yodalex Super Series” may be of particular interest.

  • Reliable protection for people and systems
  • Signal lights with an alarm horn for a wide variety of visual and audible alarms, alarm signals and warning signals
  • Depending on which version you choose, they are suitable for fire protection applications, safety applications or process monitoring in any onshore or offshore installation

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