Close-coupled Rotary Lobe Pump TLS





The TLS pump is a positive displacement rotary lobe pump designed according to the sanitary requirements. The pump has a rediced size and it is highly efficient and reliable.
This pump is ideal for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity, in the food-processing, dairy and cosmetic industries as well as for filtering and bottling applications. Products containing fragile solids such as junket can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.

Operating principle

The TLS rotary lobe pump is a monoblock pump that can be adapted to any gear motor with a B5 flange. The pump basically consists of a stainless steel pump housing and cover manufactured by investment casting, two tri-lobe rotors with a sanitary design attachment. Moreover, the pump is provided with height adjustable stainless steel legs of hygienic design.

Design and features

The rotary lobe pump is provided with a C/SiC/EPDM external single mechanical seal. The seal is balanced and has a sanitary design. If an application requires it, other seal materials can be used.

Helical gear unit with B5 flange in compliance with the IEC standards and triphasic induction motor 4 poles=1500/1750 rpm, efficiency class according to EC regulation, IP 55 protection and F-class insulation.


Pump casing with drain port.
Mechanical seal options: SiC/SiC, TuC/SiC.
Lip seal.
FPM gaskets.
External by-pass.
Bi-lobe rotors.
Stainless steel shroud can be mounted without disassembling the pump.
Other drive types and protection classes.
Different types of connections.
Stainless steel trolley.
Polyester or stainless steel control box.


Parts in contact with the product AISI 316L (1.4404)
Other stainless steel parts AISI 304L (1.4306)
Support and lantern GG-25
Gaskets in contact with the product EPDM according to FDA

Mechanical seal:

Rotary part Silicon carbide (SiC)
Stationary part Carbon (C)
Gaskets EPDM

Internal surface finish: Bright polish, Ra < 0,8 μm
External surface finish: Matt
Connections: DIN 11851