Easergy MiCOM P44x




High Performance Relay Distance Protection


Easergy MiCOM P44x provides high speed and high performance distance protection for all overhead lines and cable applications and offers a comprehensive range of protection functions as standard. Models available: MiCOM P441, MiCOM P442, MiCOM P443, MiCOM P444, MiCOM P445, MiCOM P446


Multifunctional Distance protection devices with a full range of backup protection functions provides the user to selective protection and to trip for line faults in:

  • Overhead lines and underground cables
  • Lines with multiple zero sequence sources
  • Non-homogeneous lines, series compensated lines, parallel lines
  • Distribution to Transmission Voltage levels
MiCOM P441
MiCOM P442
MiCOM P443
MiCOM P443