Pump with Feeder KIBER NTEA





The NTEA pump has a very compact and robust design and it is intended for pomace transfer. This pump is supplied with a “bridge breaker” to provide a correct entry of the product to the feeder screw.

Operating principle

Friction between the rotor and the stator creates a vacuum in the inlet area thereby helping the entry of the product into the pump.
The turning motion of the rotor makes the cavities between the rotor and the stator move forward and transport the product to the outlet.
The feeder consists of a rotating blade actuated by a gear motor, it transports the product to the feeder screw avoiding the formation of a “bridge” that impedes the pass of the product to be pumped.

Design and features

Highly versatile.
Easy to clean.
Hopper with drain.
Robust construction.
Motor 3 ph 400/690 V, 50 Hz, IP-55.
Helical-bevel gear units.
Pump mounted on trolley.
CE electric panel with ON/OFF switch, inverter and emergency stop push button.
Standard connection: spherical coupling.
Rotary wheels with brakes.
Red painted RAL3003.


Liquid detector Max / Min.
Remote control.
Frequency converter (Control Range).
Connections: Garolla, Clamp, Flanges, DIN, etc.
Electromagnetic brakes in motor.
St.St. electric panel.


Parts in contact with the media: AISI 304
Lantern: Carbon steel
Stator: NBR (special composition for these applications)
Packing gland: PTFE
Surface finish: blasted