Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump For Closed Circuit Applications – C Series

C Series

Designed for closed-circuit applications, C Series Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps boost reliability and uptime. They feature a rugged design, wide range of controls and proven protection from pressure overloads for increased performance, all while maintaining a small footprint for added flexibility. The C Series adds further versatility with multiple displacement options and the ability to perform with a variety of control options.

• Energy
• Agriculture Machinery
• Constructino Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment
• Other Mobile
• Turf Equipment
• Vocational & Municipal Equipment
• Natural Resoureces
• Procesing

• Increased Reliability
• Two cross-port relief valves for pressure overload protection
• Durable swash plate and bearing design
• Hydraulic pressure compensator
• Flushing valves and clogging sensors
• Design Flexibility
• Compact, modular design
• Full range of controls
• Multiple displacement options

• Manual lever with feedback (with or without neutral position switch)
• Hydraulic proportional with or without feedback
• Electric proportional with or without feedback
• Electric on-off
• Electric proportional with hydraulic override
• Automotive

• Harvesters
• Feeder mixers
• Drill rigs
• Tunneling equipment
• Shuttle cars
• Trenchers
• Pavers
• Vacuum trucks
• Deck cranes
• Winches
• Feller bunchers
• Skidders
• Telehandlers

Technical Characteristics:
• Maximum operating pressure of 420 bar (6,090 psi)
• Maximum speed of 3,400 rpm
• Three displacements: 55, 81 and 136 cc/rev
• Temperature range of -13 to 194ºF (-25 to 90ºC)

Hydrostatic Pumps & Motors For Open And Closed Circuits – Gold Cup Series


Rugged and efficient, The GOLD CUP series boosts productivity with hydrostatic piston pumps and motors that deliver exceptional performance in the most severe applications. Featuring a robust barrel bearing design and hydraulically controlled rocker cam, GOLD CUP pumps and motors provide proven durability and reliable pressure control.

A closed circuit design makes GOLD CUP series pumps and motors ideal for bi-directional function and eliminates energy losses associated with circuit valving. GOLD CUP’s high power-to-weight ratio, compact package, and flexibility in control options and mounting locations offer significant value-added benefits. These include lower operating costs, ease of installation, and improved longevity for reduced downtime.

• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Marine
• Energy
• Government
• Industrial
• Factory Automation
• Other Natural Resources
• Rubber and Tire Processing
• Lumber & Wood
• Rail

• Increased Efficiency
• High-speed operation with reduced power
• Auto-regulated control pressure based on system demand
• Efficient built-in replenish ring-style check valves
• Improved Reliability and Lifespan
• Lifetime hydro-mechanical controls
• Robust barrel-bearing design
• Stable system flow with low resistance cam design
• Proven Productivity
• Visual displacement indicator and simple diagnostic capabilities for rapid commissioning
• Efficient and robust control logic
• No need for cross port reliefs
• Design Flexibility
• Controls that mount on either side
• Simplified plumbing with built-on hot oil shuttle
• Compact package with integrated auxiliary pumps
• Capability for individual remote pressure compensators
• Ease of Use
• Quick-change valve block
• Modular controls
• Replacement shaft sleeve

• Mining
• Drilling
• Construction
• Material handling
• Logging
• Land & sea
• Military
• Shredding/reducing
• Gas turbine
• Cranes & winches
• Water jet cutting
• Energy recovery

Technical Characteristics:
• Maximum operating pressure of 420 bar (6,000 psi)
• Maximum speed of 3,600 rpm
• Temperature range of -40 to 203ºF (-40 to 95ºC)
• Sizes from 6-30 cipr (100-500 cc)