آگوست 27, 2022
آگوست 27, 2022
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Versatile mounting system for Ex e control systems
R. STAHL’s 8298 series mounting frame system is the right accessory for your Ex e solutions. These robust frames allow you to securely mount your control systems and distribution boards. You can combine the supports and struts of different sizes to form a frame that meets the requirements of your devices perfectly.


You have just assembled our components to form effective Ex e control systems and Ex e distribution boards for your application. You now need to transport them to the operating location and safely install them there. R. STAHL’s 8298 series mounting frame system has been designed for this very purpose: It consists of standard parts of different sizes, which are inserted into one another or screwed together to form robust frames of the appropriate size. These frames are suitable for both molded material enclosures from series 8146 and metal enclosures from series 8150.

  • Secure mounts for transporting and installing Ex e control systems and distribution boards
  • Bespoke frames, made from supports and struts of different lengths screwed together/inserted into one another
  • Suitable for enclosures made from molded material or metal

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