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مارس 10, 2019
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Effective pressure equalisation for electrical wiring in hazardous areas using breathing glands
In conditions where there are temperature fluctuations and moisture, R. STAHL’s breathing glands protect electrical wiring from the effects of condensation inside the enclosure. For Ex d and Ex e enclosures, they therefore play a key role in providing explosion protection. To make sure electrical wiring is safe, particularly where extreme temperature fluctuations and damp or humid environments are concerned, moisture must be prevented from entering enclosures and condensation must not be allowed to form inside. This is where R. STAHL’s breathing glands come in. These glands provide continuous pressure equalisation between the inside of the enclosure and the atmosphere around the enclosure. They are available in versions for Ex d and Ex e enclosures and in several different materials.
Prevents condensation from forming inside the enclosure
Ex d and Ex e versions
Material: Plastic, nickel-plated brass or stainless steel

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