نوامبر 27, 2018
نوامبر 27, 2018
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Cast aluminium terminal boxes for Ex d type of protection
R. STAHL’s 8252 series terminal boxes are suitable for all Ex d applications, including with electronic modules and relays. They are available in three different sizes, and thanks to a number of practical design details, are easy to install. They are made from a copper-free cast aluminium alloy, which makes them incredibly resistant to damage from seawater.

R. STAHL’s new 8252 series seawater-resistant, cast aluminium alloy, flameproof terminal boxes are suitable for all applications with Ex d type of protection. Their certificate also applies to control systems, which means that they can also be designed to include electronic modules and relays. Our terminal boxes are available with three, four or five hubs and with a choice of three different enclosure sizes. All enclosures are supplied with precut threads (metric/NPT) and a fitted DIN rail. Thanks to the integrated holes, they are quick and easy to install. They are made from a copper-free cast aluminium alloy, which increases their resistance to corrosion. Standard cable glands for terminal boxes can be used with these terminal boxes without the need for any compound.

  • Ex d enclosure made from seawater-resistant, copper-free cast aluminium alloy, powder-coated in accordance with RAL 7032
  • Integrated holes, precut thread and fitted DIN rail make these quick and easy to install
  • Can also be used with electronic modules and relays

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