آگوست 27, 2022
آگوست 27, 2022
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Self-regulating enclosure heaters for hazardous areas
R. STAHL’s enclosure heaters for Ex e enclosures ensure that the temperature is adequate inside the enclosure. These heaters are self-regulating and feature built-in protection against overheating. Practical: Their flat design makes them easy to install, and their steel construction makes them robust and acid-resistant. R. STAHL’s enclosure heaters for installation in Ex e enclosures contain a semi-conducting polymer core between two parallel copper conductors. At low temperatures, electrical current flows between the conductors, generating heat. As the temperature rises, the electrical resistance of the core material increases, reducing the current flow and, in turn, the heat output. This means that the enclosure heater emits exactly the right amount of heat based on the current temperature and never overheats, thereby protecting the nearby components. The heaters are available with several different connection variants: With a connection cable, with a junction box for connecting to the power supply or with a junction box and temperature control device. These are made from steel, making them robust and acid-resistant.
Self-regulating heater with overheating protection for protecting nearby components
Various versions with different connection variants
Flat design for easy installation

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