آگوست 30, 2022
آگوست 30, 2022
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Effective fieldbus power supplies
Single or redundant ISbus series fieldbus power supplies can be used to power fieldbus segments. A high output, integrated physical layer diagnostics, galvanic separation and a switchable end-of-line resistor are ingredients that combine to produce an effective fieldbus power supply for any installation.


Single or redundant 9412 series fieldbus power supplies can be used to power FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 segments. Their high output of up to 28 V and 500 mA allows large numbers of devices to be operated far away. For high-power applications, two power supplies can supply up to 1 A in parallel in boost mode. All models monitor the fieldbus segments to check for overloading and short-circuiting, as well as diagnosing the fieldbus’s advanced physical layer parameters, which include jitter and signal level, for example.

To go with the 9412 series fieldbus power supplies, our range includes the 9419 series bus carriers. These are also available in versions that are specially tailored for use with distributed control systems. This guarantees quick, cost-saving installation.

  • Integrated advanced physical layer diagnostics with signaling contact, adjustable warning level and LED indicator
  • High output of up to 28 V/1 A for long segments and a high number of field devices
  • Serial interface for easy-to-read diagnostic data via a smartphone app

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