سپتامبر 7, 2022
سپتامبر 7, 2022
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Independent, safe lighting with LED hand lamps
R. STAHL’s explosion-proof hand lamps and portable searchlights are the ideal solution for when the fixed on-site lighting system does not provide sufficient light for your needs. Advanced LED technology means that they emit bright light and boast an extremely long service life.


Our 6148/L148 series portable LED searchlights are ergonomically designed and can be operated with one hand. They have a secondary light and a main light. The brightness can be freely adjusted; alternatively, it can be set to flashing mode. A particularly nifty feature is the lamp head’s ability to pivot 190°. Handy extras include accessories such as a shoulder strap, belt hook and colored diffusing lenses.

The 6149/2 series LED inspection lamp includes a connection line and can be fitted with a mains plug that is compatible with your system if required. Other practical features include the lockable suspension hook, reliable anti-roll protection and the protective cage (available as an accessory).

The 6140 and 6141/6 series hand lamps are Ex torches with a remarkably ergonomic design. Not only are these handheld lamps waterproof but and this goes without saying – they are also always completely safe.

  • 6148 series portable LED searchlights: – These portable lights have been approved in accordance with the relevant firefighting standard. They remain fully functional for up to 11 hours with one battery charge
  • 6149/2 series LED inspection lamps: – These inspection lamps are incredibly robust and can be operated with input voltages of between 12 and 240 V. With low glare and a wide radiation angle, they are the ideal tool for inspection and repair teams
  • LED torches: – These LED torches complete the portfolio. Suitable for all fields of application, they are lightweight, incredibly bright and take up very little space.

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