دسامبر 26, 2018
دسامبر 26, 2018
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HFisolator: Intrinsically safe radio signals for hazardous areas
R. STAHL’s HFisolator converts standard radio signals to explosion-protected, intrinsically safe radio signals (Ex i) so that you can use your standard antennas and coaxial connectors in hazardous areas too. The flexible HFisolator makes R. STAHL the perfect partner for custom wireless solutions for hazardous areas.

The HFisolator converts standard radio signals into explosion-protected, intrinsically safe radio signals (Ex i), which are galvanically separated and transmitted between input and output. How does this benefit you? Thanks to a reliably intrinsically safe signal, all standard industrial antennas and coaxial plug connectors can also be used in hazardous areas, and the plug connectors can be connected and disconnected without disconnecting the electrical equipment.

The compact HFisolator transducer also makes it incredibly easy to develop project-specific solutions, e.g. with a flameproof Ex d enclosure for wireless devices. With R. STAHL as a partner, you can obtain bespoke wireless hazardous area solutions that meet your needs exactly.

  • Allows you to use standard antennas and coaxial plug connectors in hazardous areas
  • Solution for 900 MHz, 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Flexible across a wide temperature range (-60 °C to +80 °C)

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