سپتامبر 3, 2022
سپتامبر 3, 2022
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R. STAHL’s moulded case motor protection circuit breakers offer reliable protection for Ex e and Ex d motors against short-circuiting and overloading in hazardous areas. They are available with a choice of different release types and, optionally, with an ammeter or auxiliary contacts. And thanks to their robust, polyester resin enclosure, they can be used in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.


R. STAHL’s molded case motor protection circuit breakers can be used to prevent Ex e and Ex d motors from being overloaded, especially when there are particularly high short-circuit currents. They are housed in a robust enclosure made from glass-fiber-reinforced polyester resin. The standard models are available with a choice of different releases, such as an electromagnetic tripping mechanism or an adjustable, phase-sensitive thermal overcurrent release. Under voltage releases and shunt trips are also options, as are ammeters and auxiliary contacts. These circuit breakers offer reliable protection for your motors, electric lines and systems in hazardous areas.

  • Protection for Ex e and Ex d motors
  • Motor, electric line and system contactors
  • Release types: Thermal overcurrent releases, electromagnetic tripping mechanisms and, optionally, under voltage releases or shunt trips

R. STAHL’s 8146/5-V27 series molded case circuit breakers for motor protection protect Ex e and Ex d motors and their associated electric lines and systems. The standard variants feature an adjustable, phase-sensitive thermal overcurrent release or electromagnetic tripping mechanism, which has to be specified during the ordering process. They cannot be retrofitted.

  • Electric line and system protection for Ex e and Ex d motors
  • Robust enclosure made from glass fiber-reinforced polyester resin
  • Optional: Under voltage release, shunt trip, ammeter, auxiliary contact

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