سپتامبر 3, 2022
سپتامبر 3, 2022
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Wide range of safety switches for use in hazardous areas
R. STAHL’s safety switches make cleaning and repair work in hazardous areas easier, as no preparation work that can only be carried out by qualified electricians is required. They are extremely resistant to corrosion, boast practical safety features and are available for a wide range of different currents.


In order to clean and repair electrical systems, the energy supply to machinery and system components must be disconnected. Normally, this would require qualified electricians – but with R. STAHL’s , there is no need. These switches cause the main contacts to be positively opened, and are available with or without a load-shedding contact. They have isolating functions (IEC/EN 60947-1/-3) and AC-3 and AC-23 motor switching capacity. They have a number of practical features, including the easy-to-identify switching position of the rotary actuator, the option to padlock the switch in the “Off” position, and the conspicuous orange “Safety switch” warning sign. In addition, corrosion-resistant external components make the switches incredibly robust.

  • Safety: Conspicuous orange “Safety switch” warning sign, rotary actuator with easy-to-identify switching position
  • Wide variety: 3- and 6-pole safety switches for 10, 12/16, 20, 25, 40, 63/80, 125/160 or 180 A
  • AC-3 and AC-23 motor switching capacity, isolating functions

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