سپتامبر 7, 2022
سپتامبر 7, 2022
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Tank inspection lamps: Have everything safely in sight
These inspection lamps illuminate the interior of storage tanks, stirred tank reactors and other sealed containers, such as distillation columns and  glass flow indicators, so that you have all the processes taking place within safely in sight at all times.


Our 6122 series tank inspection lamps use halogen bulbs with an output of between 5 W and 100 W to reliably illuminate tanks and similar containers without creating glare. They feature a corrosion-resistant alloy enclosure and offer a number of different installation options, such as using a tilting hinge, assembly flange or insertion flange. A glare-reducing opal glass is available as an option; a separate anti-glare device is available as an accessory. The optional timer automatically switches off the  lamps after a certain amount of time.

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy enclosure
  • Available in a variety of output classes, from 5 to 100 W
  • Available in a wide range of supply voltages, from 12 to 230 V

The high-performance 6122 series tank inspection lamps are designed for challenging applications,
such as illuminating the interior of storage tanks, stirred tank reactors, distillation columns and
inspection window flow indicators. Their robust, corrosion-resistant alloy enclosure, wide variety of
fastening options and comprehensive range of accessories make them incredibly versatile.

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