آگوست 30, 2022
آگوست 30, 2022
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Flexible temperature input modules for hazardous areas
The  modules use eight channels to process intrinsically safe signals from all common temperature sensors such as resistance temperature detectors (two-, three- and four-conductor connection) and thermocouples (internal or external reference junction). Resistance transmitters, mV sensors and joysticks can also be connected.


The temperature input modules can be used to connect up to eight intrinsically safe  sensors to the IS1+ remote I/O system.
Each channel can be used as an input for two-, three- and four-conductor Pt, Ni and Cu resistance temperature detectors or as earthed/insulated thermocouples in accordance with DIN, IEC and GOST standards.
For thermocouples, the reference junction temperature is either compensated internally or by means of an external reference junction.
Resistance transmitters and mV sensors, and in the “Four-channel fast” operating mode, joysticks, are also supported with a very short signal delay.

A blue LED and diagnostic messages provide early warnings that maintenance is required in order to avoid system downtime.
The Zone 1 versions have additional LEDs for each channel to indicate any line faults.

  • Flexible: Each channel can be used for resistance temperature detectors or thermocouples
  • Versions with Ex ia inputs for installation inZone 1 or Zone 2
  • Hot-swappable: Can be replaced while the system is in operation

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