آگوست 30, 2022
آگوست 30, 2022
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Intrinsic safety using two-channel safety barriers
Using R. STAHL’s two-channel safety barriers, you can make HART transmitters, zero-potential contacts, temperature sensors, solenoid valves, indicators and much more intrinsically safe. They can be combined in many different ways, occupy a limited amount of space and require very little maintenance.


The wonderfully simple design of R. STAHL’s two-channel safety barriers means that not only do they take up very little space, but you can also expect an impressively long service life. To install them, all you need to do is snap them onto the DIN rail. This action has the added advantage that it equalises the potential between the conductive parts, saving you time and therefore also money. All variants use the same, interchangeable back-up fuse, which reduces the storage requirements for back-up fuses needed for maintenance.

R. STAHL’s experts are always on hand to help you choose the right two-channel safety barrier for your needs, decide whether equipment can be classified as simple equipment and acquire the intrinsic safety certification required by law.

  • Comprehensive portfolio of safety barriers for solutions fit for any application
  • Compact design – just 12 mm wide
  • Easy to install, including equipotential bonding connection

The 9002 series INTRINSPAK two-channel zener barriers enable the intrinsically safe operation of virtually all field devices.  comprehensive portfolio and the combination of zener barriers cover a wide variety of signals.  devices are incredibly robust and require very little space. back-up fuse is a convenient feature as it is standardized for all variants.

  • For the intrinsically safe operation of a wide range of devices, such as HART transmitters, solenoid valves, sensors, zero-potential contacts and many more
  • Compact, space-saving devices that are easy to install on a DIN rail
  • Quick and efficient installation as barriers can be simultaneously snapped onto DIN rail and connected to ground (ISA – RPI12.06)

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