دسامبر 26, 2018
دسامبر 26, 2018
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Flexible WirelessHART gateway
R. STAHL’s compact WirelessHART gateway is a flexible, convenient solution for the wireless transmission of data from WirelessHART field devices to automation systems. We can always accommodate requests for project-specific variants.

R. STAHL’s WirelessHART gateway provides a flexible concept for configuring and operating WirelessHART networks. The gateway is installed in Zone 2 – thanks to our system solutions, however, solutions for Zones 1 and 21 are also perfectly feasible. Completely intuitive, the gateway is operated via a webserver. Thanks to the flexible enclosure concept, it can be combined with other components.

Project-specific variants are also available, e.g. featuring an intrinsically safe Ex ia antenna interface that makes it safe to work at the interface, or featuring an Ethernet connection via fibre optics.

  • Compact WirelessHART gateway in a robust stainless-steel enclosure (IP65)
  • We can always accommodate project-specific adaptations (Higher availability thanks to the use of redundancy

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