آگوست 30, 2022
آگوست 30, 2022
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Flexible WirelessHART gateway
R. STAHL’s compact WirelessHART gateway is a flexible, convenient solution for the wireless transmission of data from WirelessHART field devices to automation systems. We can always accommodate requests for project-specific variants.


R. STAHL’s WirelessHART gateway provides a flexible concept for configuring and operating WirelessHART networks. The gateway is installed in Zone 2 – thanks to our system solutions, however, solutions for Zones 1 and 21 are also perfectly feasible. Completely intuitive, the gateway is operated via a webserver. Thanks to the flexible enclosure concept, it can be combined with other components.

Project-specific variants are also available, e.g. featuring an intrinsically safe Ex ia antenna interface that makes it safe to work at the interface, or featuring an Ethernet connection via fibre optics.


  • Compact WirelessHART gateway in a robust stainless-steel enclosure (IP65)
  • We can always accommodate project-specific adaptations (Higher availability thanks to the use of redundancy

Standard and custom gateways from R. STAHL

Introducing an explosion-protection WirelessHART gateway series, R. STAHL now provides even more versatile solutions for over-the-air communication in the process industry. The new product complements the existing line-up to give users a complete package of interface options for signal transmission via 4…20 mA with line-based HART or FF H1 fieldbus. Wireless communication is an easy way to lay the groundwork for sophisticated automation concepts that are deployed to upgrade an extensive base of existing field devices e.g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or oil and gas industry. Advanced Industrial Internet implementations all but depend on such solutions. A series 7145 gateway connects up to 100 wireless field devices via Ethernet with the DCS or asset management system. The gateway is easy to install and can be comfortably parameterised via web server.

A robust stainless steel enclosure provides mechanical resistance and protection according to IP65. ATEX and IECEx certified for use in zones 2 and 22, the devices withstand temperatures in a range between -20 °C and +60 °C. Thanks to the flexible housing concept, the gateway can be combined with other components and optionally equipped with an intrinsically safe antenna interface (Ex ia) as well an Ethernet interface with Ex op type of protection. Drawing on a wealth of expertise and engineering experience, R. STAHL offers to assist plant designers and system integrators to devise their custom network. For instance, special solutions for use in zone 1 and 21 can also be supplied if needed. Other customised components such as splice boxes for fibre-optic cables, media converters or terminals for Ethernet copper cables can be integrated as well.

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