آگوست 17, 2022
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آگوست 17, 2022
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In a cabinet, on a control panel or on transport and conveyor systems – control devices from R. STAHL are used ubiquitously. This is because they guarantee exceptionally safe exchange of information between man and machine (CONTROL DEVICES A INDUSTRIAL DESIGN). These control devices have an ingress protection rating of IP66 and are ATEX & IECEx certified. Additionally, they also have country-specific certifications such as UL, CSA, CQST, ULB, PESO, GL/DNV, ITRI, KGS and LPE. The devices are therefore widely used in hazardous areas globally.

Manual call points for CONTROL DEVICES AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN fire applications

These manual call points for fire applications from R. STAHL can be used to protect against fire in industrial and public areas. They are approved in accordance with the latest standards, can be used not only indoors but also outdoors thanks to their weather resistance, and their “plug and play” design makes them easy to install. A variety of colors CONTROL DEVICES AND INDUSTRIAL DESIGN so you can get the look that appeals to you.

These control devices from R. STAHL are designed for use in industrial and public areas. They have DIN EN 54-11 certification for use in fire detection and fire alarm systems, allowing people to manually raise the alarm in the event of a fire. The ABS enclosure on these fire alarm call points makes them weather resistant, which means that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The unique “plug and play” concept makes installation easy and affords improved safety, as well as preventing accidental resetting and sabotage.


A manual emergency stop switch allows these control devices to be used as an interface for a number of applications outside of fire protection. Fire alarm call points for industrial and public areas

  • For surface mounting indoors and outdoors, easy “plug and play” installation
  • Available in a variety of colors

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