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Safe, versatile wall- and ceiling-mounted lights
R.STAHL’s explosion-proof wall-mounted lights and ceiling-mounted lights can be used for general lighting purposes, for emergency lighting and as compact escape route lighting with your choice of escape sign


The compact lights from the 6114 series perform the function of both general lighting and emergency lighting. They can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or built in. With the escape sign of your choice, you can indicate the location of escape routes. As emergency lighting, they can also be powered by group and central battery units. An internal switch switches off the power supply at all poles when the lights are opened. Depending on the operating location, this series offers you the choice of an enclosure made from powder-coated sheet steel or one made from weatherproof stainless steel.


  • Reliable lighting for hazardous areas, including emergency lighting
  • For zones 1, 2 and 21, 22
  • The 6114/6118 family offers a choice of different enclosure materials, emergency lighting electronics and escape route signs
C-LUX 6102 series compact light fittings
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling and suspended mounting
  • Available with DALI or ILS technology
  • Emergency exit signs with suspended panel so that they can be read from both sides
  • Large recognition distance d ≥ 30 m
  • Lightweight, robust and compact design

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