آگوست 20, 2022
آگوست 20, 2022
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Manual call points for use in hazardous areas

With R. STAHL’s control devices, anyone within a hazardous area can raise the alarm manually, which makes for a safer working environment. Our comprehensive range of robust control devices for alarm systems and manual call points for fire applications is suitable for use at extreme temperatures, both onshore and offshore, anywhere in the world.


R. STAHL’s control devices can be used to manually raise the alarm in hazardous areas, even in harsh offshore environments. Our comprehensive range has the perfect model for any application – choose your alarm call point based on how you want to raise the alarm. (lever, flap, break glass, emergency hammer, pushbutton), silence it and reset it. These alarm call points are available with type of protection Ex d and Ex e, and depending on the model, there is also the option of short-circuit protection and open-circuit monitoring. All manual call points can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Manual call points for fire applications and  for alarm systems with various options for triggering the alarm
  • International certification
  • Can be used both onshore and offshore and at extreme temperatures

. R. STAHL’s control device systems and signalling devices make zero compromises when it comes to safety: We offer robust, reliable series-production devices, custom device combinations, position switches, measuring tools, earthing monitoring devices and more.

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