نوامبر 26, 2018
نوامبر 26, 2018
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Emergency lighting: Reliable, long-life, can be networked
Our emergency lighting systems provide reliable illumination for up to 3 hours when powered by batteries; also available as emergency exit lighting with the escape signs of your choice. Thanks to R. STAHL’s emergency lighting products, you can also network your safety lighting.

The choice is yours: Emergency lighting unit or emergency exit light, 1.5 or 3 hour battery life, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, pendant or pole-mounted light. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that R. STAHL will deliver when it comes to the reliability and safety of your explosion-proof emergency lighting unit. Some models automatically perform a functionality test, use intelligent charging technology to extend the battery life, and shut themselves down when opened so that you can safely replace the battery or bulb without needing to disconnect the emergency lighting from the mains.

For more extensive installations, you can use group and central battery units (available from R. STAHL) for your safety and escape sign lighting – these are freely programmable, networked, and guaranteed to be cost-effective and safe.

  • Automatic weekly function test and deactivatable automatic annual battery rated operating time test
  • Two-bulb versions automatically switch from faulty bulb to working bulb when emergency lighting in operation
  • EXLUX family installation material gives you freedom when installing the emergency lighting unit

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