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Robust pendant lights for strong illumination from above
Pendant lights illuminate large areas from high ceilings or poles. A range of different lamp technologies, including LED technology, as well as different output classes and luminous intensity distributions are available for many different applications.

R. STAHL’s pendant lights are available in numerous different versions, including high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps (HSE), halogen metal-vapour lamps (HIE), and of course, highly efficient, long-life LEDs. Using the right accessories, these lights can be used as pendant lights or alternatively they can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or pole-mounted. If required, they can even pivot. This versatility makes them the ideal industrial light. The 6470 and L470 series offer the widest choice when it comes to increasing your installation options. Optional reflectors allow you to adapt the light to your illumination needs. Special versions from the 6050 family are also suitable for use in extremely cold regions or very hot environments. Even where there are specific requirements for incredibly low surface temperatures (temperature class T6), this lighting family has a solution to offer.

  •  series pendant lights: Seawater-resistant aluminium enclosure, also available as an energy-efficient, long-life LED pendant light
  • reflectors for use when installing high up
  •   series pendant lights: Wide variety of enclosure covers allows for easy installation on poles, walls or ceilings

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